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2011 Royal Grade Loose Pu-erh Tea


Pu-erh is fermented with sun-dried large-leaf tea (Maocha) from mountainous areas in Yunnan, China. Our expert team specializes in selecting quality tea among common teas. This is a product of 2011,using raw material (Maocha) from Menghai county, where is the most famous Pu-erh tea planting and producing area in Yunnan province. This is the top grade loose Pu-erh and the liquor tastes smooth, mellow and sweet.    


Scientific studies in China, France and Japan have proved that this tea has lots of medical benefits to human being. It helps reduce body weight and lower cholesterol in the blood stream. Pu-erh is very popular in Europe where it is recognized as a diet aid.

How to prepare loose Pu-erh tea in a Congou style?


Step 1: Add tea leaves (3g - 5g) to a Yixing teapot or Gaiwan.

Step 2: Pour boiling water into the teapot, give the tea leaves a rinse for 10 seconds. Then draining the water out, leaving only the soaked tea leaves

Step 3: Fill the teapot with boiling water again, cover the lid. After steeping 10 seconds (shorter or longer according to your desired strength), the tea can be poured into a tea pitcher to be served.

Step 4: repeat Step 3 for several times. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing. 



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