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Jianshui Purple Pottery Canister CG09#

Size (cm): H8.5 x D10

Net Weight: 300g

Maker: Chen Xinhong

Beautiful handmade purple ceramic canister from Jianshui, Yunnan province, China. Very good handcrafted canister for containing Pu-erh tea, black tea.

Made with pottery clay in red, yellow, green, purple and white. They are produced with traditional techniques and through various procedures, such as painting, carving, firing and polishing.

The purple pottery products made in Jianshui, Yunnan province is well known for their design and varieties. The main series of ceramic ware include as many as over 100 kinds, such as kettles, cups, bottles,vessels, basins, plates, dishes, jars, air pots, smoke pipes as well as ink stones, etc. They are superior to other three famous ceramic wares made in China. The pottery are so popular and characterized as follows:

1) Glaze-free polishing
No ceramic glaze is painted on the billet. The stone material is grinded and polished with great care after completion. By doing so, the products will be as clear and reflective as a mirror.

2) High content of iron
The function of iron is to stimulate the melting process and increase the strength of pottery. The products are as hard as a golden stone and the sound is as a melod played by musical instrument once completed.

3) Finely decorated
The pottery products are painted and carved with various of pictures and calligraphy, they are mainly characterized with studded colorful mud and have a collection of literature, antique fine arts, paintings and calligraphy, carvings with with combination of studding and polishing technique, among which the incomplete poems, and calligraphies are best known.


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